Handmade Goat Milk Soaps and Lotions

Raw milk from our very own dairy goat herd is the second ingredient in our Handmade Soap. We use no water in our soap, it is the real deal.  We offer minerals to our girls (goats of course), as well as copper bolus them.  The nutritional value of the milk is an important factor in the quality of our soap.  Skin is the largest organ of our body.  Absorbing much of what we come into contact with. In making our soap, we are mindful of this fact. Unless stated, our ingredients include consist of: Olive Oil, Raw Goat Milk, Coconut Milk, Palm Oil, sometimes grape seed oil, Clays, Kaolin, Natural Colorants,  Scented includes essential oils, and/or fragrance oil. We do not use Fragrance alcohols, which are drying. 

$6.00 each approx. 4oz wrapped bar
$5.00 each approx 4oz naked (unwrapped) bar 

Buck Naked- Unscented $6.00 wrapped, naked unavailable

Fresh Linen- $6.00 wrapped, naked- unavailable at this time

Relaxing- wrapped- $6.00, naked- unavailable 

Energy- wrapped $6.00, naked unavailable

Oatmeal, Milk and Honey- contains raw Oatmeal, wrapped- $5.00, naked $4.00

Viva La Juicy- $5.00 wrapped, $4.00 naked

Eternity- $6.00 wrapped, $5.00 naked 

Lavender Forest- wrapped- $6.00, naked is unavailable

Sweet Bamboo- $6.00 wrapped, naked unavailable

Pet Shampoo Bar- $6.00 Especially for dry skin

Drakkar type scent- $6.00 wrapped, $5.00 naked

Shave and a Haircut- $6.00 wrapped, $5.00 naked

Chivalry-(approx 3 oz)- $4.00 wrapped, $3.00 naked

Beautiful- $6.00 wrapped, $5.00 naked

Rose- $6.00 wrapped, $5.00 naked

Rice Flower & Shea- $6.00 wrapped, $5.00 naked

Apple Spice- $6.00 wrapped $5.00 naked

Valencia (orange)-$6.00 wrapped, $5.00 naked

Eucalyptus & Lemongrass-$6.00 wrapped, $5.00 naked

Bug be gone (Citronella)  $6.00 wrapped, $5.00 naked

Juicy Couture type scent- $6.00 wrapped, $5.00 naked
Triple Butter-(Tea Tree essential oil, Lemongrass essential oil, Shea Butter, Cocoa Butter, Mango Butter) very moisturizing. 

Lavender/Cucumber Bar with essential oils especially for the face $7.00 per 4.5-5 oz bar

Goat Milk Lotion can be ordered to match scents. Lotion is $5.00 for a 2 oz bottle, $8.00 for a 4 oz bottle and $13.00 for an 8 oz

Bath Bombs- We have small (1.5to 2 oz) and medium size (4 oz) bath bombs in scents that match the soaps and lotions. Small- $2.00, med-$4.00

Assorted Gift packages available as well $10.00 and up.

*shipping and taxes additional

Can pay with paypal use [email protected]
Or you can mail check and order to:

Heaven's Jubilee Farm
209 Harrell Rd
Pheba, MS 39755