Bama Belle's Tamera

D.O.B     1/19/2014

CH Southern Leisure



X Pruittville's Candy


   Tamera is a very nice 2 year 

old As gangly yearling, she was

awarded with a Jr Champion Leg in



LA at the Delta Dairy Goat

 Show. She excels in general 

appearance and has a nice

 high eschuteon. Hoping she

fills that space with beautiful 

udder,we have bred her to H J 

Farm SG Cry's Samson.  She is due

 in January.

Pic to left is Tamera with her Dam, 

CH Southern Leisure Sachet

H J Farm SG Fern

 D.O.B. 4/02/2015

H J Farm SG Mister's Harmony X 

Pruittville's Star Gazer

Fern is growing into a beautiful doe. 

She is linebred on CH Pruittville's 


Fern is hard to photograph! She is always at my feet being nosy. Hope to get a good picture of her this February at Dixie National State 4H show. She is 8 mos old and 105 lbs in this pic

H J Farm D Fiona

D.O.B. 7/21/2015

CH Southern Leisure Sachet X 

H J Farm Caramel Drizzle

Fiona is a very correct doeling

 that we are excited to see

 mature. We also retained 

her twin brother,  H J Farm D