A $50 deposit is required to reserve a kid from our herd. Please remember we reserve the right to keep any kid that we feel is necessary for the improvement of our breeding program, even if you place a deposit.  If a kid is not born that you have placed a deposit on or we decide it is needed for our breeding program, your deposit will be cheerfully refunded.  Sometimes we will offer a kid of another breeding, but you will not be obligated to accept it. 

Please be aware that bucks are available from FIRST FRESHENERS after dams have been evaluated in milk. We will take a reservation on them, but if we don't feel that they meet our standards, buck will not be sold as a buck, it will be wethered.  

Name of Doe
 Sire used
 Date Due
 Pruittville's Caramel Machiato (PB Nubian)
H J Farm SG Cry's Samson
 $600 does
$500 bucks
1st doe retained
 Sand Rock Acres
 Crybaby J (PB Nubian)
  HJ Farm SG Caramel Drizzle

1st Doe retained
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CH Southern-Leisure Sachet
(PB Nubian)
  H J Farm SG Caramel Drizzle
 $600.00/ does
  1 doe retained, 1 buck retained
Bama Belles Tamera
  H J Farm SG
Caramel Drizzle
  1 doe retained
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H J Farm SG Mister's Harmony
  H J Farm SG Crybaby's Samson 
  Fall 2016

 The Princess Ariel (Recorded Grade Nubian)
HJ Farm SG Cry's Samson
  1 doe retained
 The Darlin' Clementine (recorded Grade Nubian)
  Narrow Chance Deliverance
  Nigerian Dwarf
 Creek Bottom Z Fantasy
(PB Nigerian Dwarf)
 Bayou Country NO Boaz
 $500.00 Does
$400.00 Bucks
4 doelings
 Creek Bottom Z Lovey
 (PB Nigerian Dwarf)
 Creek Bottom TO Laredo
  $550.00 Does
$450.00 Bucks
1st doe retained
 Creek Bottom Z Anne-Lise
 Bayou Country NO Boaz
 $500.00 Does
$400.00 bucks
  2 bucks

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  Creek Bottom CA Day Dream
  Creek Bottom TO Laredo
  $450.00 does
$300.00 bucks